Why Your Business Needs The Best UI/UX Design

What’s UI/UX design, and why does your business need it? You already got a mobile-responsive website design and quality graphic designs for your business to stand out online. Now they’re saying you need the best UI/UX design? Well, first, UI/UX refers to “User Interface” and “User Experience,” and involves enhancing your business website and mobile app. After reading this post, you’ll understand why your business needs the best UI/UX design.  

What is a User Interface (UI)?

User Interface (UI) is all the features on your website or app that enable your users to interact with your business. The CTA buttons they click to make purchases, speak with an online rep, view your catalog, checkout, as well as the graphic designs are all part of what makes up the user interface. UI designs are made to provide seamless navigation for users to culminate in an all-around great experience. However, UI design doesn’t provide this alone, but is combined with User Experience (UX) Design.

What is User Experience (UX)? 

A user’s emotions and perceptions when they use your website or app make up the User’s Experience (UX). If a user feels frustrated when navigating your app or website, they most likely would leave without patronizing your business or even leave negative feedback. The colors, transition, fonts, and arrangement of your website and mobile app elicit different types of emotions. Depending on your target audience and what appeals to them, you may need different UX designs to match different audiences. 

What Are The Benefits of a Great UI/UX Design to Your Business? 

The success of your business in the digital world largely depends on how users engage with your brand online. Hence, the importance of a great UI/UX design to your business can not be overemphasized. Here are the top five (5) benefits of having the best UI/UX design. 

  1. Better Customer Satisfaction

A great UI/UX design allows users to navigate and use your website and app easily. Thus, it ensures your customers enjoy an excellent customer experience, which translates to higher customer satisfaction. And, when customers are satisfied, they remain loyal to your business and even refer other prospects. 

  1. Boosts Brand Identity and Loyalty

Creating products that customers love and ensuring clients are satisfied with your services is key to a successful business. But, if they get frustrated trying to get the product and services on your website or app, they would abandon you for your competitors. Therefore, a great UI/UX design on your online platforms contributes to a great brand identity that inspires loyalty. 

  1. Increases Traffic

No, SEO and social media marketing aren’t the only things that can drive traffic to your website. With a great UI/UX design, customers would willingly return to your website and repeatedly use your app. Even better, it would contribute to them leaving you an excellent rating and reviews, as they will be unlikely to find issues with your platforms. This would make more people visit your website and download your app. 

  1. Time & Cost Efficient

Imagine prospects and customers visiting your website or using your app, and spending several minutes trying to find where they can purchase your product or service. They would definitely leave in a huff. A great UI/UX design saves your users’ time by making navigating your site or app easy and fast. Furthermore, getting your UI/UX design done right from the get-go would save you the time and money you would spend on re-designs later in the future. 

  1. Uniformity On All Platforms

UI/UX design ensures that every page on your website and app has a consistent design. This means the same colors, fonts, design style, arrangement and button type are the same. Hence, there will be uniformity within and across both platforms, even if your app isn’t a replica of your website. 

In Summary

In the online world, the first interaction people have with your business is through your website and mobile applications. Think of your website and mobile applications as front-desk or sales officers in a regular offline business who provide seamless service and navigation to your clients. Therefore, as a business that prioritizes customer satisfaction, you need the best UI/UX design for your website and mobile application. 

However, a great UI/UX design takes a lot of research and expertise. Hence, you should hire a UI/UX designer who knows how to create designs that are not just seamless but meets your users’ needs. At Draidel, our UI/UX designers are experts who prioritize users’ needs to create designs guaranteed to improve their experience. You can get in touch with us to learn more about how UI/UX design can benefit your business specifically. 

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