Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

The number of applications on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store is staggering. It seems like every business, small and big, has a mobile app today, and you’re considering getting one. But, you also don’t want to get an app because of fear of missing out (FOMO). So, you’re wondering, does your business really need a mobile app? In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons your business may need a mobile app. 

How Do You Know If Your Business Needs a Mobile App? 

Quite frankly, not all businesses need a mobile app. Businesses like the automobile business don’t need an app. We don’t know anyone who would buy a car over an app. A mobile-responsive website and active social media pages are enough for these types of businesses to capture their target customers. 

Nevertheless, having an app is a necessity for some businesses. These include businesses in the tech, fitness, productivity, e-commerce, real estate, and education industry. In any case, answering these questions will help you tell if your business needs a mobile app. 

  • Does your target audience spend lots of time on their mobile? Mobile apps will work for your business only if your audience is open to using them, especially Millennials and Gen-Zs. 
  • Will your app offer a unique feature that isn’t found on a typical website? For instance, GPS-based store finding, automatic discount, user-customized shopping experience. 
  • Are your competitors’ apps doing well, and is there a unique offer you can provide? The first is an indicator that mobile apps work for your industry, and the other will help you get ahead of your competitor. 

7 Benefits of Having A Mobile App For Your Business 

Now that you’ve determined that your business needs a mobile app, here are some benefits having a mobile app will bring to your business. 

Increases Your Brand Awareness

Your business will be profitable only if prospects and customers know that it exists. It is the power of brand awareness that makes even established businesses keep churning out millions of dollars for ad spaces. Fortunately for you as a business owner in the 21st century, you do not have to spend as much as big brands to get strong brand recognition. With a mobile app, you can reach a new demographic of users who prefer to use mobile apps instead of browsers. 

Improves Customer Engagement

Mobile apps keep your customers engaged with your brand in ways that social media pages and websites do not. Many people lack the attention and will to seek out your website or search out your business page for the specific service or product they need. However, your business is just a click away instead of several continuous keyboard taps and clicks away with a mobile app. 

And, if you have effective loyalty reward systems for customers who use your app, even more customers would sign up. For instance, many businesses offer points or discount rewards to customers who download and use their mobile applications, which keeps customers returning. Furthermore, a mobile app ensures your customers get all the information and even assistance they need in one place, at every point in time. 

Creates Direct Marketing Channels

With a mobile app, you can market directly to customers that are more likely to patronize your business. Unlike marketing channels like social media marketing that targets a broader audience, a mobile app can deliver your marketing campaign to confirmed customers. All you have to do is send custom notifications and information about new products and services via the app to your customers. 

Offers Your Customer Extra Value

People like deals that make them feel they got great value for their money. Think about all the time you’ve patronized a Black Friday or any “buy two for the price of one” deal. Did you really need a bar of extra chocolate? Why did you opt to buy then? The simple answer, extra value! One unique way to offer customers extra value is with an app. 

A mobile app can help deliver special deals to your customers without costing an extra dime! Whenever your business is offering unique services and deals, all you need is to send a push notification to your customers via the mobile app. One beep on their smartphones announcing a great deal, and your sales will be over the roof. 

Provides Better Customer Service

Mobile apps, unlike websites and traditional stores, provide round-the-clock customer service. You can have self-service options that customers can use to solve minor problems themselves. A bot can also be set up on the app to answer important questions. Furthermore, with a mobile app, you can carry out surveys and ask your customers for feedback on how best to improve their experience on the app. 

Gives You an Edge Over Competitors

Despite the millions of apps available, you would be surprised that most businesses that ought to have an app don’t have one. Making an app for your business will give you an edge over your competitors who are still busy setting up their websites. An app that provides a more effortless and seamless experience will convince prospects to choose you over them. What’s more, you can also edge out competitors who already have an app can when yours offer better features. 

Provides Better Access to Quality Customer Data

As a business with an online presence, if you do not leverage the power of customer data, you’ll miss out on conversion opportunities. You need customer data to improve the quality of your products. This data gives insight into your customer’s shopping habits and other information that can be used to position your brand to serve your customers better. 

How does a mobile application help with customer data? Well, people are more willing to enter details or let go of information on an app than they do on a website. Furthermore, it’s easier to track customers’ habits and interaction with your business with a mobile app.


Final Thoughts

Mobile apps are a lot easier to use and navigate than traditional websites, and the benefits of having an app can increase your ROI, making it a worthy investment! So, if your business would benefit from a mobile app, you should consider building one for your business. You can reach out to us at Draidel to design and create a mobile app for your business that will connect with your clients and customers!

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